5 Creative way$ to use Valentine’s Day items after February 14

Any Valentine items still in stores will most likely be discounted down to almost nothing. Near me, I’m seeing 75-90% off original prices. Here are some ideas for using those items outside of the Valentine Box.

1. Of course, the most obvious idea is grabbing non perishable items for next year, such as decorations, Valentines, cards, stuffed animals, etc. Don’t forget to note on your calendar where you store them. I like to keep a Rubbermaid type container labeled with the holiday, (eg. Valentine’s Day) and stored in yearly chronological order in the garage.

2. You can also salvage any items from Valentine kits, such as candies, stickers, pencils, etc. to use for upcoming holidays (think St. Patrick and Easter) or parties. They make great filler for treat bags and piñatas! Pick up cheap pink, red and white tissue paper, crepe paper, and other decor to recycle into other holidays. Pink is great for Easter and Mother’s Day. With the red and white on hand, all you will need to add for July 4th is blue! I also found some cardboard cupcake stands that I plan to repurpose into upcoming birthday parties.
3. Buy a few boxes of your child’s favorite Valentines cards to make your own “Memory” type game. They won’t care if they say, “Be Mine” and if pieces are lost or damaged, you have invested very little. Or you can cover the “Valentine-y” parts, like we did for the Scratch Offs coming up next…

4. Make your own scratch-offs! I plan to fix up my Valentine steals into a variety of cool stuff including lunchbox jokes, date night notecards, rewards for the kids, and even some “Choose your own Consequence or Chore” scratch-offs! I just covered over any “Valentine-y” words with acrylic stickers before going on to the next steps. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I found lots of examples on Pinterest. But here’s a great example at my FAVORITE date night site, The Dating Divas .

5. And don’t forget to think outside the Valentine Box when it comes to candies and other treats, you can repurpose pink or red candies, and chocolates into so many other things! What about in your baking, add them to cookies or use as topping for desserts? Place a shiny red heart on your honey’s pillow to remind them of your love year round!


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